30. Jul, 2018


Our sacred self speaks quietly but with authority. It doesn't boast. It doesn't throw tantrums. It doesn't beg for attention.

Our sacred self is content in silence or in the company of those who love us back. Our sacred self embraces actions that assist our growth and it shies away from anything that lowers us to a level that we have already graduated from.

It's that little voice that encourages us or that tells us we need to shift our focus. It's the voice of infinite truth and the voice of reason. It's the part of us that guides us to safety through dangerous times. 

Our sacred self is the fire that flares up in the face of injustice or hatred. It's the fire that extends protection to those who need it. 

Imagine how beautiful your life would be if your sacred self was the only inner voice you heard. Imagine how successful you would be if you followed that inner compass. Isn't it time you allowed that part of you to rise up? Isn't it time to recognise your own sanctity?