31. Jul, 2018

Paving pathways

I think that sometimes the hardest thing for a person whose natural inclination is to heal, is to have to admit that they just can't heal someone. I know how tough it is for me after I have poured my heart and soul into someone to take a step back and tell them they now have to do it themselves.

I suppose that's the big difference between healing and enabling. Sometimes we want something better for someone so badly that we jump in and spoonfeed and parent. It doesn't happen so much with "clients" as it does with family members or people in close relationships. 

I look at people and see beautiful beings full of potential. One of my biggest faults is that I want to push them into their potential. I do it because I know how happy and fulfilled they can be but that still doesn't make it right. It's wrong... completely and utterly wrong. No matter how good my intentions, it is never my right to push anyone to do anything. I have my path and they have theirs and should our paths run parallel for a while then all I should do is walk beside them. 

I'm learning this in my personal relationships. Mercury retrograde is helping to accelerate the learning process. It's bringing me back to situations where I didn't handle things with detachment. I've learned that no matter how hard you try to bring about something worth building on, you can't build alone. I've learned that sometimes people's paths veer away from yours and that you need to let them do whatever it is that they need to do. The only path you should focus on is your own. 

You know what's awesome though? This Mercury Retrograde I'm learning NEW lessons and I'm seeing the results of having learned the previous ones. It feels good to know that those particular lessons don't need to be revisited. 

Anyway, I digress (again)... we cannot cling onto anything. If we're holding on so tight that our fingernails are breaking then it's better to let go. If we're so desperate for someone to follow the right path that we're paving it for them and chasing after them to pull them back onto it then maybe it's better to let them go choose their own path. 

One thing I know for certain, the people who walk our paths with us do so with an echo of the love and respect we give them. The people who are meant to be walking paths away from us respond to our love and respect with anger and hatred. 

Given that, who do you want on your path?