2. Aug, 2018

Love me

What if the person you've been looking for all along is you? In all your perfect imperfection, with all your scars, with all your wounds. What if you are all you need? What if everyone else is just icing on the cake?

We search for someone to love, to pour all our deep, beautiful love into. Isn't it time we poured that love into ourselves? Love is never diminished by giving it. Love grows exponentially. And who is more deserving of our love than the soul that resides within us, guiding us, comforting us when there is nobody else around?

But instead we look elsewhere and then wonder why we don't find the person we're so desperate to have complete us. If only we could realise that we are complete. We are perfection just as we are. And when we pour love into ourselves and no longer need someone else to do it for us, then magically people appear who love who we are.

Your vibe attracts your tribe and when your vibe is love and appreciation of yourself then that is exactly what you will start to attract. Sure, the snakes will still try to insert themselves into your existence. But when you're operating in a state of self love, those snakes won't get very far before you recognise them for what they are. 

So starting this week, how about giving that love that you so readily offer to everyone else to yourself? When you tell the Universe how grateful you are, don't forget to be grateful for every ounce of you. Because you are beautiful and there is nobody more deserving of your love and gratitude than you yourself.