6. Aug, 2018

The value of a warrior

You know the real problem with Mercury Retrograde? When you think you understand how it works you become arrogant about handling it and then it humbles you.

Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame. I really thought I had the lesson last week. But then over the weekend something happened that turned the lesson upside down and made me look at it from a new angle. So let me share so that you can avoid being knocked onto your knees.

We look at the people close to us and we know their faults. They make mistakes. They make really crappy choices. And sometimes they make those same choices over and over again. Sometimes the choices coincide with Mercury Retrograde and some arrogant asshole (yeah, that would be me) sees it as a chance to revisit the previous bad choice and accept it as a reason that things will never work. 

I learned this weekend that the weight of those bad choices is sometimes far outweighed by the value of their loyalty, trust and respect for me. I realised that a person who makes bad choices less and less often is fighting their demons and starting to win. That deserves my respect. I learned that a person who makes bad choices that hurts me is sometimes the only person who has my back no matter what. 

Relationships are not a list of good versus bad. Relationships are decisions about commitment made every day. They're about realising the true value of the good someone brings into your life and being able see clearly whether or not it outweighs the bad. 

I'm taking some time now to value the true warriors who fight their demons and sometimes lose. I'd rather have someone in my life who carries the scars of their battles and who knows that they sometimes lose. Those people understand lifting others up and they understand humility. True warriors don't think that they've won the war, they show up prepared for battle because they know that growth is only possible when you're honest enough to admit that you still have battles to fight.