14. Aug, 2018


Nelson Mandela said that no man is born hating another and that if we can be taught to hate then we can also be taught to love. 

It's something that's been on my mind lately. As humans, hatred seems to be something that we find really easy once we have first been taught how to do it. We are divided in so many respects and along so many lines - race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality. Each of those divisions creates a breeding ground for more hatred. 

I think there are two aspects to this. It's the us and them factor. Face it, we can't be made to do something like hate others unless there is a certain level of willingness on our part. I'm not going to harp on about parental fault even though it is a part of this. Here's what occurs to me. 

As people, we're essentially pretty lazy. We always look for easier ways to do things. It's easier to hate someone because they're different than it is to try to understand their difference. It's easier to stay in our little bubbles of security and stability than it is to step outside them and get to know people who are different to us. 

And when it comes to the powers that be, they know for sure that we're easier to control if we're not standing together backing each other up. We are the reason governments work well. 

But we have very little influence over others so to quote another great man, "be the change you want to see in the world". Gandhi had it right, you know. If we start making changes within ourselves, we create a ripple effect. 

What would happen in the world if we start connecting with people on a soul level despite the divisions that have been drawn? We're not going to like everyone. We are going to start to understand them in their difference though. And when you understand then very often, hate disappears. Because hate is really just fear and fear is connected to the unknown. 

So how about we start making that effort today? With ourselves? How about we start looking past everything else and looking into people's souls? How about we share our souls with them? How about we become the change?