15. Aug, 2018


In our journey of spiritual growth, many of us find ourselves looking in the mirror and accepting and beginning to love the physical parts of us that once brought us so much unhappiness. We learn to love our bodies not just for the aesthetic but for keeping us safe, for keeping us alive. 

It's probably a good idea to treasure our minds in the same way. Our minds keep us safe by blocking things from our memories. Sometimes though, that's not the ideal way to be as it doesn't allow us to heal. 

It's in our mind that most of our wound memories reside. We forget them because to remember them is traumatic and as human beings we prefer life to be easy. The problem is that those things live on unresolved and become triggers. 

Have you ever noticed how you react with anger or sadness to certain things? Things that most people don't concern themselves with? Those are your true triggers and they'll stay there until you find their source and embrace it and heal it. As with all things, you can do it the easy way or the hard way. 

When you are completely wrapped up in taking care of the people around you, those wounds tend to be ignored. And very often (not always) the caregivers, nurturers and people pleasers among us are the ones with the most wounds. Simply put, the reason many of us become so focused on others' needs is because we were either raised by or spent relationship time with a narcissist. It's a learned behaviour and the damage caused in learning it can be monumental. 

When we're in that space of self sacrifice, we do the healing the hard way because we don't take the time to find our wounds. Instead, they explode out of us in a mass of infection and ugliness and take us by surprise. 

The easy way isn't that easy either. It goes back to our minds protecting us. When a wound is caused by extreme trauma the mind tends to block out at least part of it so we're not really even aware of the wound. We have to delve deep into our sub conscious to access, acknowledge and heal it. You know that whole story about solving a problem by first admitting you have a problem? What if you don't even know that theproblem is there? 

We all need healing. We all need to find those wounds. Most importantly though, we all need to have access to the joy and freedom that comes from that healing. As always, it's your choice. Are you going to heal the easy way or the hard way?