17. Aug, 2018

Throwing stones

Words are like stones. You can't take them back once they've been thrown. Or something like that... We're very quick to claim victimisation when people are mean to us but do we think our own words through? As human beings we tend to have some wild knee jerk reactions, don't we?

I believe freedom of speech is a priveledge and that we need to use it responsibly. I believe that we need to remember that every action and every word has a consequence. 

Every day on Facebook I see examples of people speaking out, speaking up and making their voices heard. That's great. But, no matter how noble the cause you are fighting for, if you're doing so with aggression and personal insults, it makes you wrong. We forget that we are the masters of our own credibility. If we spew hatred, people aren't going to take us seriously when we preach love. 

You know by now, that I don't sugar coat. If something needs to be said, I'll say it. I've learned though that there are ways to say things that are less damaging. I don't believe in wrapping people in cotton wool and sheltering everyone because that creates a weak society. I do however believe that everyone needs a safe haven, somewhere, where they can sit back and know that they are safe from the ugliness the world throws at us. 

We will never teach people about spirituality by flogging them with our words. We might make an impact though if they see we aren't the same as everyone else. 

So back to that safe haven... has it occured to you that you can provide it to the people in your circle? We so want to be able to protect the ones we love. Let's start by protecting them from our own hurtful words. Say what needs to be said but say it with care. Be someone's calm in the eye of the storm. Your heart might very well be the only place they can call home.