27. Aug, 2018

Pick your words

I've spent a lot of the last week lying in bed fighting a flu bug. It's not something that happens often but when it does I could win a world championship in feeling sorry for myself. I could also win a world championship in overthinking. 

We spend so much time ignoring the messages our bodies send us. We spend just as much time trying to change our bodies or just being generally dissatisfied with the way they look. When you think about it though, there is no greater reason for gratitude than these flesh machines that keep us going on a daily basis. When last did you tell your body that you loved it?

I carry some extra weight. I'm okay with it because I know my body's history. I know the fights it's won and the battles it still continues on a daily basis. I'm grateful it keeps me upright. I'm grateful for the pain I feel dealing with long term arthritis. I'm grateful that I can still walk and do all the wonderful things that we take for granted. I'm grateful for that pain because it means I've recovered from my stroke and am no longer partially paralysed. 

About a month ago, a random stranger thought it was okay to comment on the weight that I carry. It hurt on a few different levels. It hurt because nobody likes to be on the receiving end of unthinking judgement. It hurt because it drove home to me the fact that so many people judge us by our outer shells without looking deeper. It hurt because I realised that this person is so unhappy within himself that he has to direct his unhappiness outwards because his own soul can't take any more. 

Every time we judge others instead of seeing their beauty, we are saying a lot more about ourselves than we are about them. Our feelings towards ourselves are reflected in the words we speak to others. Our insecurities and our self hatred fly out of our mouths in the form of pain directed at other people. 

We all have choices this week. We can choose to make our world a little bit more beautiful or we can choose to make it a sadder place. Our words affect not only those around us but ourselves too. Every word we speak is absorbed into our bodies and our own souls. With that in mind, what are you going to choose to speak?