29. Aug, 2018


When I was a little girl I had my life mapped out. University, career, upward mobility. The arrogance of youth. I grew up, got married and had a son and remapped my life... the arrogance of being a young adult I suppose. Life changed again and I mapped it again... and again... and again.

Isn't it strange how we have this mental picture of our ideal life and the Universe comes and snatches it out of our heads and changes it completely? The one thing I've learned though is that those times when it feels as though your life is being turned upside down, it's really just slowly falling into place so that everything is where it should be for you to take your next steps. 

I'm glad the Universe steps in because there is absolutely no way I would have had the imaginative power to conceive of the life I've lived. It's a beautiful thing. 

So does this mean we should stop planning? Plans are wonderful. Goals are even better. Flexibility is truly amazing too. 

We definitely should plan. We definitely should always aspire to do and be more. But we need to realise that our plans are not things we should be attached to. Half the heartache when our lives are turned upside down is the pain of letting go of the way we thought it should be. When we finally let go and embrace the chaos that life is, we start to live it in the same way as reeds in a river. It flows around us, through us and sometimes over us but we remain in place, experiencing new things and growing and flourishing. 

Making a decision to embrace the new and the unexpected is so liberating. It's the difference between keeping our eyes on the path ahead of us and looking up at the sky and the beauty around us. Don't let the beauty of life pass you by while you focus on what you want the picture to look like.