31. Aug, 2018

Sweat that small stuff!

We spend a lot of our lives waiting for the big things that we believe will change our course. The reality is that the big things are few and far between and yet our lives change constantly. Our lives change in the moments, those tiny specks of time that create a ripple effect and cause the landscape of our existence to become unrecognisable. 

Because we are so caught up in waiting for the big things, we don't notice the tiny things that trigger the changes. Those same things crop up time after time, triggering chaos and until we see them for what they are and pay attention, the lesson is lost and needs to be taught again. 

We're all victims of our own patterns. We wonder why the same things happen to us over and over again... why we constantly fall for the wrong partner or make the same mistakes in our working relationships. This is where we need to drill down. What are we missing? What are the small things contributing to the same decisions or choices being made?

How many times has an argument with a significant other escalated into something ugly? How many times did those arguments start with something seemingly ridiculously small? 

Our bodies are made up of atoms and molecules - tiny particles, and yet each of those plays a role in holding everything together and making it operate like a finely tuned machine. It's the same with the other little things in our lives. They're part of a bigger picture that doesn't exist in perfection if some of those smaller parts are missing or broken. 

What are your particles that aren't functioning? What are those little things that are wreaking havoc in your life? Forget about not sweating the small stuff. Sweat those small things, heal them, build them, acknowledge their importance. Better to sweat that small stuff than wind up not having big stuff worth sweating.