6. Sep, 2018


Acceptance makes so many things easier - people, circumstances, compliments. When we learn to accept instead of push back, we free ourselves from the burden that comes with any type of fight. 

Unfortunately we hang on to things that we shouldn't hang on to because we are so terrified of change. We don't seem to understand that letting go allows new things to enter our lives. Letting go is not failure. 

So I get that letting go is not a simple thing to do. I understand that it's not the same as just opening your fingers and dropping a glass. It's an act of will. It's a conscious decision. And it's a conscious decision that often needs to be made a few times before it takes hold. 

The problem with not accepting things as they are and accepting that they are the way they are meant to be for that moment is that we hurt ourselves phenomenally in the process. We hang on so tight for so long that we allow no healing to take place. We focus on what we are holding on to and lose sight of all the opportunities beyond that thing or person. We focus so hard on what we are holding on to that we don't see the lessons and we only feel the pain. And then we move into a pattern of behaviour that causes the same things to happen over and over again. 

So let go of what hurts you inch by inch and day by day. Eventually there will come a time when it's easier to let go completely. It's a process though and as with all processes there is no final product if we don't start.