11. Sep, 2018


You know our patterns are there for a reason, right? You know that we keep making the same mistakes or winding up in the same situations or making the wrong calls for a reason?

Patterns are generally not the result of some external force trying to create chaos in our lives. They can usually be traced back to a decision we have ourselves made. The patterns continue to manifest because our own behavioural patterns don't change. In fact, most of the time we ignore or deny our behaviour and focus on the consequences, creating a negative mindset around it. 

It's a bit like going to the doctor when you're ill. He can treat the symptoms or he can diagnose the illness itself and treat that. Our patterns, the consequences that we deal with and which make us feel as though our worlds are falling apart, are the symptoms of something far deeper. When we diagnose that something, we can start taking steps to change the alchemy of our situation and our behaviour in order to prevent the patterns from repeating. 

Here's what I've found... the consequences that we deal with are far more difficult to fix than the initial behaviour. And if we can start changing our behaviour then suddenly, we'll notice that there are less calamities and more peaceful moments which allow us to focus on growth instead of just clawing our way out of our holes.

What are your patterns? What are you default behaviours? And what can you do to change the course of events?