12. Sep, 2018


It's a very real human desire to want to get back at people, isn't it? We want them to feel what we felt multiplied by ten and we want to watch it happen. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Do you know why that is? By the time the fire of our desire for revenge is cold, healing has taken place and there is no longer any urge to exact it. The old sayings have some value. 

Wanting revenge is part of the healing journey but it's not a part that we need to act on. It helps us get through the sleepless nights when we imagine cows falling out of the sky onto someone's head but actually hurting someone back burns us in ways we can't imagine. 

Once again, it's all about attracting what we focus on. And once again, it's a choice. The emotions tied up in revenge are anger, hurt, unhappiness... and if we want to heal and become stronger, we can't be putting all our energy into those emotions. 

Healing requires conscious awareness of our thought processes. It requires acknowledgement of those thoughts but also the choice to change them if necessary. It takes so much effort to hate someone. It eats away at you and fills your vision. And if your vision is clouded by that, you're not focusing on the little joys in the present or your hopes and goals for the future. 

Do you really want to drown out the joy this world is offering you? Then by all means, focus on the past and the hate. Or deal with it, acknowledge it, look for changes you can make and move forward. There's so much to come. We need to stop thinking that our stories end at the last bad chapter.