25. Sep, 2018


Heritage Day came and went pretty quietly in my house. It was quiet because it gave me a lot of food for thought. We think of heritage based on ancestry and nationality but do we ever stop to think about the heritage our parents created and the one we create for our children?

How often have you analysed your childhood? How often have you given thought to the decisions your parents made when they raised you? This, more than anything, is our heritage. And it's our job to either perpetuate it or change for generations to come. 

Our parents (for the most part) grew up and became parents in an era where challenging the status quo was just not done. It took incredible courage to do things differently. So many of them just did things the way their own parents had done them because that was the way it had always been. It's a different era now and we have the opportunity to change what doesn't work. We have the opportunity to create an environment for our children and grandchildren that we would have liked to live in. But we can't do that if we continue to make the same mistakes that have been made for generations. 

What is your heritage? Is it one of abuse? Is it miscommunication? Is it silent withdrawal when angry? Is it a focus on money? Is it one of pushing children to do what parents never could? Is it one of love? Of acceptance? Of giving but not enabling? Or maybe even empowerment?

Take some time to think of the inherited cycles you'd like to break. And then go right ahead and smash them. Nothing ever changes unless we get up off our asses and force those changes.