30. Sep, 2018

That sign in the sky

It's quite strange how my posts are triggered by things other people say. It's awful to know that when I don't post it's because I've been behaving like a hermit. My hermit days are over for now - I had some deep healing to do. I've been peopling again and suddenly I'm overflowing with things I want to share with you. 

So here goes...

We look to our higher power for signs all the time, don't we? It's natural to want to know that we're on the right track. How often do we even see the signs though? How often do we see the signs and ignore them?

If you're anything like me, you'd actually really want that sign written in the sky in Ariel bold 24 font in order to accept it. 

I know from personal experience too that I ask for signs and get them but am not ready to accept the answer. So I turn to my cards, which confirm the signs, and pack them away in a huff because I'm "obviously reading things into the cards that I shouldn't be because I'm way too close to the situation". Being way too close to a situation to understand what is going on is a load of rubbish. When we're that close to a situation we already have the answers. We just need to step away and internalise and accept them. 

Here's the problem. We don't recognise the magic we hold within ourselves. We underestimate our intuition. And we ignore the thoughts that pop into our heads instead of examining them for truth. As a result, we are ruled by emotional reactions instead of understanding that our emotions around a situation can change and that the situation will then flow instead of getting bottlenecked. 

We can recite affirmations until we're blue. We can "call" the Universe until the lines burn up. Until we sort out the emotions we are carrying that are leading to our outcomes, we're going to keep repeating what we don't want repeated. We're going to keep asking for signs and then not believing them. 

So hold onto your faith and then bolster it by doing the work you need to do to change your situation. Hold onto your heart's desire and then add your logical power to it. Make this the week where you start to change what you don't like and where you start to manifest what it is that you desire.