4. Oct, 2018

Those holes

One of the easiest things in the world is digging yourself into a hole. And once you've dug deep enough and you can't see the daylight any more, you know you've got a problem. Our knee jerk response is to start hustling to get out but when we do it without though we often just dig deeper. 

Those holes that we dig are never dug for the hell of it. We usually dig them to either get away from a situation and hide or to get deeply into a situation and confront. It's important to recognise our reasoning. It's more important to be able to look for truth in that reasoning. 

So here's a lesson... you know those crazy souls out there who go cave diving? They never go without backup. They always have some way of finding their way out. We need to apply that logic to the holes we dig. We need to find our back up so that when we finally decide that it's time to come out because our work in the hole is done, we don't then tunnel our way to China. 

Here's a second lesson... holes are incredibly powerful places to make changes. When we plant a seed, we bury it in a hole. If we want to grow, we need to start out in a place of peace and darkness with no distractions to divert us from our planning. 

So next time you decide to imitate a mole, make sure you have a safety line and take a little bit of time at the bottom to decide what your next steps are in life and more importantly to recognise why you want to take them.