5. Oct, 2018


Why is it that some people achieve exactly what they want in life and others don't? Why is it that some people move from strength to strength and seem to lead charmed lives? And if you had to place yourself in one of those groups, which would it be?

I can already hear people ascribing their lack of achievement to a variety of factors - not enough education, a rough childhood, poor choices in their youth. The list is endless. 

What it eventually comes down to though is something way more simple. Even thee word is simple... grit. 

Grit, quite simply put, is unswerving determination. It's the willingness to make sacrifices that other people won't. It's the ability to fix your eye on a goal, decide what you need to do to achieve and then do it. Without excuses. Without getting distracted. Without trying and not doing. Grit is the difference between chasing a dream and chasing a goal. 

So if you lumped yourself in that group of people whose lives don't go the way they want, does it mean that you don't have grit? In short... no it doesn't.

Just like everything I talk about on this page, grit is a choice. It's a choice that becomes more recognisable and easier to make when you become consciously aware of yourself, your patterns, your behaviour and your emotions. 

At that moment when you realise how important something is to you, it becomes natural to want to do everything in your power to hold it in your hands. You'll make the sacrifices. You'll put in the work. You'll do what it takes instead of just talking about it. You'll move it from the world of dreams to the world of reality. You'll get help where you need it. And you'll find that you're no longer in the group of people whose lives don't go the way they'd like them to. 

Are you ready to uncover your grit?