10. Oct, 2018

Driving forces

In a couple of weeks I'll be an officially certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. I've been studying like a mad woman and it's good to know that there is an achievement in sight. 

There's been so much food for thought in this course and so many things I've had to unpack within myself. We go through lives picking up bits of wisdom and we think we've evolved only to have new ways of thinking shown to us resulting in yet more changes. I suppose that brings us back to flexibility. In order to be open to learning and changing and improving our lives, we have to allow our minds to be flexible instead of rigid in our beliefs and our opinions. 

None of that was the point of this post though. I got sidetracked again. 

In this thing called life, we're all driven by one of three things - facts, faith or feelings. Sure, we might dip into the others but there is always one that dominates. These three things are so closely related to the patterns that we manifest in our lives and what struck me while studying this concept is that we often seem to think we're driven by one, when in actual fact our driving force is one of the others. 

Those of us who are driven by feelings go through life with a series of ups and downs that change as often as the events in our lives do. It becomes a roller coaster as we react to everything going on around us. 

Then there are those who are driven by faith. Faith that if we do this, then this will result. Faith that if we just work hard enough at something, it will work out as we want it to. These people live on a high until such time as things don't work out and the resulting drop is phenomenal. 

What about the people who are driven by facts. As they establish and learn and grow there are ups and downs but eventually because they are basing their decisions and their actions on things that are true and not just believed or hoped for, things become more and more stable. Outcomes are easier to predict and life is no longer a vicious cycle. 

Again, it's about choices and then implementing those choices. It's about taking the time for a journey of self discovery and doing the work required to change our lives. Of course, these three things are only a small part of the work we need to do but I found them to be quite eye opening. It's always good to have a starting point on a journey, isn't it?