23. Oct, 2018


Between one door closing and another opening there's usually a dark passage of transition.We forget that most passages include light switches anyway, don't we? We spend so much time bouncing off the dark walls and cursing the passage that we forget to switch on that light and marvel at the beauty of the paintings on the walls. 

Okay, enough with the extended metaphor. My point is that no matter where we are in life, good or bad, we are always transitioning. The person we become ten years, ten months or ten minutes from now is never exactly the same as the person we are right here and now. Why do we fight to get through those times of change then?

Is it because transition is just a label we put on the tough times so that we can convince ourselves they're temporary?

Maybe it's time to take back our power and own that light switch. Tough times aren't permanent. Sometimes they're really unpleasant. When we're focusing on the cracks in the walls we're forgetting to appreciate the beauty around them. There is always something positive in every negative experience. There is always something to be grateful for if we just look for it. And voice it... dear gods! Voice your gratitude!

So starting today, stop bouncing off the walls and flip the light switch. You might be surprised at how bright the dark times really are.