19. Nov, 2018

No more doormats...

There is a fine line between being kind and being a doormat. And it is always possible to walk away from a person or a situation kindly. It doesn't have to be dramatic. There don't have to be fights, arguments or showdowns. It's okay to just withdraw. 

This is what we find so difficult to do though. We feel that if there isn't a trigger then we have no right to just leave. The fact is, we have every right to do so. People change. Others change and we change as well and in some relationships there comes a time when you look at someone and you just know that your values are a million miles apart and your hearts are even further apart than that. 

I know it's tough to let go of people who we thought would always be there. You know what's tougher though? Looking at someone you once loved and realising that they were never the person you thought they were.

Constantly evaluate the relationships you hold dear to you. If something feels off then chances are it is. Communicate with love and kindness but when that communication isn't reciprocal then understand that your road together is limited. Cut the toxicity from your life. Walk away from the people whose value systems make you feel that your energy has become dirty. Walk away from the users, the abusers, the narcissists and those who believe they know everything that could ever be learned. And don't feel a moment's guilt. You deserve to surround yourself with people who bring positive, good things into your life just by shining their own lights. You deserve people who see your light too.