21. Nov, 2018

Hiding darkness in words of light

How is it that we are blind to our own shortcomings? We're human beings and we were never made to be perfect and yet we have this constant striving within us for perfection. It's unattainable so some people realise that and then fake it. 

And you know what? That's okay too. What's not okay is when the rest of us look at their perfect, fairy tale, story book lives and feel as though we aren't good enough. It's time for us to give ourselves a wake up call and remind ourselves that if something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. 

It comes back to turning our focus inwards. Don't try to be like those around you. Their journey is not yours. The only time you should really focus outwards is when you're looking for a recipient of an act of kindness. Your soul focus should be on you and you alone. 

So next time someone tells you they've ascended or evolved or found the answer, nod and smile. Maybe they have. Chances are it's the answer to their own question and not to the question that defines your life's purpose. 

And next time someone tells you those things, and your skin crawls and your intuition screams out at you that even they know they're lying, listen to your inner voice. Not everyone who claims these things has attained any of them. Give yourself permission to walk away from things and people who make your soul scream. You'd be surprised how many times the talk of attainment that people spew hides souls that are shriveled. 

So today, as always, follow your soul. Listen to its whispers. Compare yourself to nobody. And go out there and shine your light so that other's paths are made brighter too.