22. Nov, 2018

Achieving much?

How many of us live with the weight of regret pulling us down? That degree we didn't complete, that loved one we didn't say goodbye to, that friend we lashed out at... the list of possibilities is endless. 

What if I told you that life constantly presents us with opportunities to do things the way we wished we had done in the first place? They might not be exactly the same but they allow us to demonstrate to ourselves that we learn from our mistakes. 

We tend to see everything as so huge, so final. And this contributes to the states of anxiety and stress that so many of us deal with daily. It's like success isn't just an end plan, it's a way of life. It's not enough to achieve today, we have to achieve every single day. It's time we gave ourselves a break.

It's time to stop seeing everything as so damn important that we're unable to enjoy the experience. That relationship you're in? It's okay if it doesn't last forever. There will be other joy in your life if it ends. Just savour the moment so you don't lose it. That exam you're writing? It's okay if you don't pass first time. You can re-write or you can change to a different field of study if this is something you don't have an aptitude for. 

Achievement is great and I won't knock it. The constant quest for perfection in all things does nothing but damage us though. So take a moment, enjoy your coffee, smell a flower, listen to something you love to hear. Don't lose a lifetime's worth of moments just to achieve an end goal.