23. Nov, 2018

Finding joy

I had one of those tiny moments that turned into a freight train of thought yesterday. It's funny how the most random conversations can lead to light bulb moments. 

Someone I know got married recently. Yesterday she was taking her dress to be cleaned and told me that she has the urge to just put it on in the evenings and sit in front of the TV and drink a glass of wine while she wears it. 

At face value, I thought it was sweet and funny. Possibly also a little outlandish but who am I to judge? I've never claimed to be normal.

It got me thinking though and you know what? I think it's a brilliant idea! That dress is the perfect representation of a day in her life when she felt like a princess, when joy just bubbled up inside her. What a beautiful thing to recreate that memory in the mundane. 

We spend so much time living at the level of ordinary without realising that it takes something relatively small to lift us to the level of extraordinary.

If there is something in your life that makes you feel special, do it. Life is way too short to keep dresses for special occasions or to only take out the good cutlery when you have guests. Be weird. Be random. Most of all though, be happy. Do all the little things that bring you joy because when you're overflowing with joy, it flows into the lives of the people around you. And what is life if you can't share the joy and love with those you care about?