5. Dec, 2018

Reaping harvests

Get up, dress up and show up... you've all heard it before. I think most of us have that mindset. We do what we need to do in order to live the lives we want to live. I think that because we think that way though, it comes as a bit of a surprise when other people don't understand this very simple formula for living. 

If you don't plant the seeds, you're not going to reap any kind of decent harvest, right? This all comes to mind because I've had the exposure to these types of people in the past year or so. You know the type... the ones who tell you there's no food in the house. So you buy them food. And then you offer them a way to make some money and suddenly they've got a thousand excuses not to show up. 

This relates very clearly to my post from yesterday about enabling people. You can keep on giving to them but unless they are prepared to do the work in their own worlds, nothing is going to change. 

They're the same people who will stomp their feet, point fingers and speak badly of you when you finally draw the line and walk away from their constant complaining and inconsistent work ethic. 

So choose where your energy flows. Plant your seeds in fertile soil, don't scatter them to the wind and hope to feed a nation.