7. Jan, 2019


You all know that age old saying about idle hands being the devil's playground? While I don't believe the devil is doing anything with our hands, I do think that there's a lot of truth in the statement. 

Many of us have come to or are approaching the end of a solid period of time off over the festive season. You'll probably find that a fair amount of boredom has set in too. Have you noticed how much more inclined you are to do irresponsible or careless things when you get bored? It's like the consequences that we would usually consider suddenly fly out the window of our minds and we throw caution to the wind and do stuff that we wind up paying for later. 

I'm not even talking about the money you may have spent over Christmas that you now wish was back in your bank account. I'm talking about the petty arguments that tend to happen when we get bored because being bored often leads to being cranky. Hands up anyone who has considered selling their spouse or children over the past week. Hands up anyone who is suddenly dealing with a mild (or not so mild) case of depression. Glad you're putting your hands up - at least they're not idle any more. 

The fact is that so many of what we consider cliches and old wives tales carry a grain of truth. So if that boredom has set in, use the opportunity to get up and move. Do something that brings you joy. Tell the kids to do the same (within reason). This is a time when you might need to all make a conscious decision to lift your spirits. This is a time when a little bit of self awareness will go a long way. 

And to those of you going back to work today, enjoy it. Know that the new year will bring you joy and success... as long as you keep those hands busy with something constructive.