8. Jan, 2019

When you break

Not one of us is in a position to judge and not one of us deserves judgement. Every single one of us breaks sometimes and every single one of us deserves the love and support it takes from those we love to help us stand up again. And if anyone points a finger at you while you're down at rock bottom, let them do it. It's none of your business what they think of you. 

As awful as it is to deal with, the breaking is not what matters. Our response to being broken is the most important, defining factor in our lives. When it feels like our hearts shatter, we need to understand that all the things holding us back from the happiness we deserve are shattering along with them. Those moments of complete despair are the moments where we are forced to find solutions to the problems causing the despair instead of just treating the symptoms. 

I used to be in a relationship with a broken soul. He can still be healed (just not by me) but he isn't prepared to treat the root cause instead of the symptoms. He had such incredible potential as a human being but his addictions to alcohol, barbiturates and cocaine prevented him from even coming close to it. There were times when he was wonderful but when he wasn't, it felt like walking through hell with shoes made of shards of glass. When I reacted emotionally to his abuse by either getting angry and crying he would feed me a couple of tranquilisers. He insisted I needed anti depressants. My point here is that it was a case of treating the symptoms. He was the root cause and suddenly when he was cut out of my life, I felt the most beautiful peace. No tranquilisers needed. I'd removed the cause. 

So when we break for whatever reason, and trust me when I say that break up was heart breaking, we need to look for the little rays of light coming from the parts that have broken open to show us a new way to live. 

Every single one of us matters. Every single one of us deserves to have any brokenness healed. Every single one of us will only heal when we make the conscious decision to make the changes we need to make.