11. Jan, 2019

Isn't it divine?

Our people are such an important part of our lives. I am lucky enough and very grateful to have a circle of very special friends who have walked with me through dark times, supported me through good and bad decisions, loved me endlessly and lifted me up or sat next to me when I fell down. The wisdom they offer comes from their deep knowledge of me, of what drives me, who I am and what my values are. They've taken the time to learn me and their wisdom and their words are priceless.

What we also need to remember is that when we focus on being totally present in every moment, strangers also have the power to impart wisdom. The Universe doesn't only talk to us through our friends. The Universe finds opportunities in each moment to give us the messages we need to hear. 

I did a reading last night for a woman I had never met before. She is a beautiful soul. We chatted about life and as she left she said something totally random to me that reduced me to tears. Not because she hurt me but because it was something I so needed to hear but didn't even realise myself that I'd needed to hear it. 

So today I thank the Divine for the wonderful friends I have and also for the wonderful strangers I meet. I thank the Divine for the fact that it never misses an opportunity to let me know that I am loved.