16. Jan, 2019

Moments to remember

I've given a lot of thought recently to how I want to be remembered one day. It's not something I haven't thought about before. I have known my vision and purpose for my life for a long time but while the general idea will probably always remain the same for all of us, chances are that there are things that might change. You might add things or realise that some things aren't so important after all. 

Your life is your story and you can own it. As much as we can't be in control of the entire plot of the story, we can always control our actions in relation to those plot twists. In order to do that though, we need to become intimately connected to our own awareness of who we are, good and bad. 

We all have triggers. We all have those little red buttons that only very few people know how to push. We have a choice here. We can learn those buttons ourselves or we can decide not to. Other people will still use them though. In knowing our own triggers we can become more aware of how we react when they're flipped and in knowing that we can manage our reactions. It's often going to be the difference between peace and chaos. 

So how does this relate to how we're going to be remembered one day when we're gone? Those buttons being pushed often lead to the defining moments of our lives. Our reactions cause ripple effects through the lives of others. They can make or break people. They teach our children what to do when their buttons are pushed too. Our actions teach people about us. Not all those people have opinions that matter but what about those whom we love? I don't know about you but I care about the effect I have on the lives of my children and those in my inner circle. 

When we take the time to examine the actions we take and compare those actions to the vision we have for our lives, we are better able to see what areas need work. And doing that work takes us one step closer to creating a memory for the people we love that aligns with who we really want to be. 

Take the time to have a bit of a think about it and then commit to making those memories of you a reality and not just a dream.