6. Feb, 2019

Time out

We all know how important it is to sometimes take time for ourselves to heal and rejuvenate, right? We know that the spiritual journey sometimes requires a whole lot of turning inwards and becoming silent so that we can hear the messages Source has for us. Yes?

And yet, as awakened beings, we also seem to feel this added pressure to always bring our A game, to always be okay, to always have a smile and a willingness to help others. It's a wonderful thing to want to spread the love and be the change. It's even more wonderful to ensure that you are whole enough to do that to the best of your ability. 

It's okay to shut down sometimes. It's okay to distance yourself a bit so that you can focus on your own healing and your own maintenance. You don't have to always be on point because let's face it, being spiritual doesn't mean that life isn't going to hit you with curveballs.

There are times when life happens and you feel as though you are being crushed by it. There are times when your world seems to fall apart. When you're connected with Spirit you probably know that you are not in control of everything but you are in control of how you respond to it. I want you to know that it's absolutely fine if your response is to step back and seek comfort in silence. When things fall apart it's often because huge shifts are happening. Those are the times when we need to make sure we pay attention. Those are the times when we need to add an extra drop of self care to our concoction of spiritual awakeness. 

So lose the guilt because it's unnecessary. Do what you need to do to be whole and healed because that new version of you, with the scars and the experience and the completed healing, is going to do great things. That new version of you has been created exactly the way it needs to be to do what it needs to do in this world.