7. Feb, 2019


I want to remind you today that healing is not something that happens with a fanfare of trumpets and applause and clapping. It's not something that happens in a flash of miraculous light. Healing is a process and it's one that we often undertake alone, in the silence. 

And right there, in the silence, is where the wheels come off for many of us. Healing is tough and sometimes it takes work and introspection. So when the silence hits, so many people start looking for a distraction... anything to get away from the pain that is a part of the healing process. We don't want to cry. We don't want to have to accept the home truths. We just want to be better. 

This is why so many people flit from one relationship to the next. It's less a fear of being alone than it is a fear of what happens when we are alone. 

When we deal with our soul wounds we need to make sure that we cut out all infection. We need to make sure that we examine them from every angle in order to make sure that there isn't a tiny bit of muck in there that is going to prevent true healing from taking place. It hurts. Of course it hurts! But it hurts less than the infection we could carry around with us for years. 

This deep healing is a daily journey. There often aren't any huge milestones to be celebrated but there are tiny bits of progress each day if we commit to the path. And with enough of those days and enough of that progress, we become the beautiful beings of light that we were before the wounding took place... except now there is an added dimension to our light and we are bigger, stronger and better than we ever were. 

So immerse yourself in the silence. Allow your soul to show you what needs to be healed and then allow yourself to do the work. Be patient and give yourself all the love that you need. I promise you, the day will come when you'll notice the sun on your face again and you'll know that you have healed.