8. Feb, 2019

Confronting anger

I want to talk to you about anger again... it's been a while since I did and there is so much more to address. 

You know that every guru out there tells you to let go of anger and forgive. You know how damn difficult that is to do too. So where does that leave us?

Here's the thing... if you have a pain in your chest, you go to the doctor (hopefully) and figure out the cause so that you can deal with it and take away the pain. Anger is a symptom of emotional wounding, just like a localised pain. And just like chest pain, you can't just let it go and believe it will disappear. It might go away for a while but it's going to come back unless you deal with the underlying issues. 

When we deal with emotional wounding, anger is a vital part of the healing process. We need to sit with it. But we don't need to sit with it just to acknowledge it in the hope that it will go away. When we feel that anger, we need to understand that it is a symptom of something bigger. We need to examine the thoughts that triggered it because those thoughts give us a very clear indication of what needs to be healed within us. Anger is nothing more than an extreme form of grief. It's the sum total of disappointments and pain and until we give it space, acknowledge it and find its source, we aren't going to get rid of it. 

The healing process is exactly that... a process. And if we skip parts of it because they are uncomfortable or unspiritual or not pretty, then we run the risk of not healing fully. 

The good news is that once you have sat with your anger, discovered its source and healed that particular point of pain, you are free to forgive. 

I challenge you to face your anger, to treat the cause and the symptoms and to allow yourself to heal fully. It takes time and it takes effort but again I promise you that on the other side of that is a beautiful new outlook on life.