12. Feb, 2019

Pesky words

Don't tell me you're not creative as long as you have a voice to speak with. Every word that comes out of your mouth forms a reality. Every word you speak creates the circumstances that you deal with. This is one of the many reasons I harp on about choosing your words carefully. 

You hate your job? Your home? Your environment? Trust me, by the time you're finished saying so, you're going to hate it a whole lot more. 

When we realise that we create what we speak and truly internalise that realisation, it becomes a whole lot easier to look at and change the words that come out of our mouths. Instead of telling people how much we hate our jobs, we begin to speak about how much we want a new job. 

Tiny tweaks can change our focus. Changing our focus can change our lives. Let's make sure that the changes we make are those that are going to make our lives so much better each day. Yes, I'm challenging you. I'm challenging you to live the life you know you deserve.