15. Feb, 2019

Forgive me...

We do a lot of forgiving, don't we? I'm willing to venture that most of us have learned that forgiving someone's wrongs whether or not they apologise allows us to find freedom and peace. That's a wonderful thing. Keep doing it.

I have a question for you though. In all that forgiveness, in all those second, third and five hundredth chances you give, how often do you forgive yourself? Or do you spend all your "me-time" beating yourself up for poor decisions, not listening to your intuition or saying the wrong thing? 

I'm not judging you. It's something I work on too. For those of us who are spiritually connected, there are a lot of times when we could have avoided a whole lot of pain by being a little bit less stubborn and listening to our intuition. I've done it so often that I've lost track. My ego jumps out and screams that it's got this. Very often though, my ego doesn't have it at all and I wind up regretting not listening to the voice that quietly whispered in my ear to run like hell in the other direction. 

Here's a suggestion though... instead of flogging yourself senseless for making the wrong decision, how about you allow yourself the room to make mistakes? You don't ever have to be perfect. You don't expect perfection from others so stop expecting it from yourself. 

So now that the Valentines Day hype is over why don't you pop a chocolate in your mouth, give yourself a flower, light a candle or pour yourself a glass of wine and allow yourself to just be? Take some time tonight to wrap yourself in your love and your forgiveness and to just let things go. Thank yourself for the lessons you have learned and light a candle to your higher power and thank them for showing you the way forward.