17. Feb, 2019

Loving me

What exactly does self love look like anyway? Is it being able to look in the mirror and love all the parts of you that you previously saw as lacking or imperfect? Is it being able to walk into a room full of people and not care what they think of you cause you like yourself anyway? Is it being able to respond to the needs of your body and soul when they arise so that you can wake up to a new day happy and whole?

Or is self love all of that and more?

Maybe self love is also listening to that little voice whispering that something isn't right and actually listening to it for a change. 

Maybe self love is finally setting a boundary that should have been set long ago even though you know that it's going to bring you some heartache when people reject you for no longer pandering to their whims.

Maybe self love is sitting your ass down and figuring out where you went wrong so that you don't make the same mistakes again.

Maybe self love is forgiving ourselves when we do make those same mistakes and then moving on.  

Self love is a journey and not a destination. It's not something to set as a goal that we will one day reach so that we can move onto the next thing. It's something we commit to every day. It's wanting the best for ourselves. It's wanting to live a life that doesn't insult our soul and then actually living it. 

Self love is honesty, authenticity, respect and joy in every aspect of our being. Only we can bring that to ourselves. So many people spend lifetimes looking for the love from other people that they should be giving to themselves. 

Self love is born in darkness like a seed that germinates and pushes its way to the light. Like that seed, self love takes effort and care in order to blossom into something magnificent. 

So look in your mirror with honesty but without judgement. Feed yourself good foods and good words. Embrace the parts of you that feel lonely. Live your truth and speak your mind with kindness. Most importantly love yourself so hard that it doesn't matter who follows your example. Love yourself because you just are and because you have purpose.