22. Feb, 2019


One of the few things we won't be able to avoid in life is people judging us. It doesn't matter what you do for them or how you treat people in general, they will find a way to try to tear a chunk out of you. It's not about you. It's about them. You'll find that these people are focusing outwards because looking inwards absolutely terrifies them. They don't want to do the internal work so they find themselves a distraction. 

Please understand that the battle they are fighting is not with you. It's with themselves. Don't stop what you're doing because there are nay sayers. Keep speaking your truth and doing the work you feel led to do. Allow others to fight their battles but don't engage because you're wasting your time. 

As with everything in life, we can't control how other people behave. That's their problem. We can only control how much energy we invest in reacting to their behaviour. It becomes an opportunity cost. It becomes a case of deciding where your energy is better spent. 

Some will call this taking the high road. I choose to see it as being conscious of where I direct my focus. It's not that I'm trying to be better. I've just reached a point in life where I realise that it's better to plant seeds in fertile ground than on bricks. My job is not to prepare the ground, it's to focus on where I'm planting.