27. Feb, 2019


Every day that we draw breath we have a choice as to whether to use our energy to create or destroy, to give hope to others or to bring despair. You'd think it would be an easy choice. What it comes down to though is our intrinsic make up and how we work with that. We may not have been taught to build as children but it's definitely a cycle we can break. 

We need to bear in mind as we make this decision, that what we focus our energy on is exactly what we create more of in our lives. When we give ourselves wholeheartedly to the process of building and evolving then that is what we experience lots of. When we push ourselves to destroy then we tend to experience a whole lot more destruction in our own spaces too. You can't destroy constantly and not expect that to leak into your personal relationships, friendships and environment. 

It comes down again to the choice between love and hate. You can't love what you destroy and it's tough to hate what you build. The fact is though, as long as you are directing hatred at people or situations, you're not doing anything to make them better. All you're doing is filling yourself with negative energy that lowers the vibration of anything you touch. 

It really is a simple choice. Let's create. Let's love. Let's build.