5. Mar, 2019


Some call it being in the flow, or finding your mojo or being aligned with Source. I describe it as stepping back into your own skin. And you know what? Nothing feels better!

The most beautiful thing about being in the flow is that it's not a state that feels foreign to us, simply because we were born to it. As life works its magic on us though, we tend to step out of flow and onto a hamster wheel of pleasing others and checking items off the grocery list we were handed as children. 

This is why stepping back into our own skin feels like a homecoming. We're finally returning to the person we were before we toned it down or hid parts of ourselves. We're finally embracing who we are and giving the finger to a society that tells us to be less of this or more of that. 

Here's the thing with this feeling though... when we are so caught up in people pleasing mode and peace keeping mode we don't even realise that we're losing who we are. It's only when we step forward and take back our power that we remember how damn good it feels to just be. 

These are the moments when we sense our purpose in life. These are the moments when we our souls sing instead of scream. Step back into the flow... find the Divine and start to live instead of just existing.