6. Mar, 2019

Choose joy...

The Universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. It's true, you know. The happiest people you meet aren't the ones who have everything in perfect place. The happiest people are the ones who carry on pushing no matter what life throws at them because they know, deep down inside, that there are better things coming. 

It's that ability to step back from looming problems and find a spark of hope that allows us to be successful. It's the ability to put the sadness aside and work really hard at things that bring us joy that remove the dark clouds from our horizons. 

I'm not encouraging you to ignore life's pitfalls. We need to be able to face things head on. What we don't need, is to get bogged down in the problems to the degree that we see nothing else. What we tend to forget is that there is a solution to every single problem. The solution might not be a happy one and it might hurt us for a while but it will solve the problem. The moment we accept that not every outcome is going to be exactly the way we want it and that even that is okay, is the moment when we start to take the pressure off ourselves and actually begin to enjoy life. 

We're all going to have moments of pain, of heartache, of regret. Every single one of those things is temporary. Very often, the length of the feeling depends on our attitude towards it. As long as we fight it and try to swim against the flow of our lives, we are going to suffer the consequences. 

So where does this leave us? Should we spend all our time focusing on our problems and try to keep a happy attitude about them? How about we just face the problems head on as they arise but give a whole lot more focus to the things that bring us joy? How about we take all the time that we focus on trying to avoid problems and instead spend that time on the things that make our souls feel as though they're truly alive?

Problems will always be there. Not every day is going to be fantastic. It's your choice to make sure that you don't lose out on the truly great days by focusing on the slightly crap ones. Where is your focus going today?