20. Mar, 2019

Blessed Mabon

Amongst the Pagans in the southern hemisphere, today is the celebration of Mabon, the second harvest. It's a time of reflection on what we have harvested in our lives in the previous year. 

Obviously you don't need to be Pagan to reflect on this. It's a worthwhile exercise for everyone. What happens when you've had a less than stellar year though? Do you reflect on the lessons? Do you search desperately for the good that you may have harvested? There's always some good to be found and lessons are valuable. That doesn't necessarily mean that we're hoping for something similar over the next year, does it?

So here's what has occurred to me. Harvesting fruits doesn't mean plucking every single apple off a tree and eating it. As a farmer you would be doing two things at harvest time... selecting the choicest fruits and throwing away the ones that are rotten or blighted and analysing your harvest to understand why it wasn't as good as you would have hoped. We can apply the same in our lives. 

At this time, we can select what we want to carry forward with us into the coming year. We can throw away the things that have led to unhappiness. One bad year doesn't make for an awful life. And then, we can start to look at what we can do to make the next year's harvest far more abundant. 

Our lives are epic journeys and no epic journey is over with just a single step. If we start walking today and we take the right tools with us then a year from now we'll be in a very different place. If we plan that journey and ensure that we give it the right attention, then we can make sure that we're in a place we want to be in. 

Today I will go within and examine my harvest and tomorrow I will take the first steps of my new journey. I know that this time next year, I will celebrate a beautiful new destination with abundant fruits. Care to join me?