12. Apr, 2019

Your soul knows the way

It's truly amazing how the landscape of our lives changes over time. It's something I've examined in my own life. I've traced the ups and downs but aside from that I've been quite gobsmacked at where I thought I would land up and the raw reality of it. 

As a teenager I envisioned being a high powered career woman, working late into the night and having very little time for anything else. My twenties threw me straight into motherhood but I clung to my career anyway and tried endlessly to find some sort of balance. I climbed the corporate ladder and put my failed marriage down to necessary collatoral damage. I honestly thought that the world of power suits, power handshakes and corporate politics was where I would stay. 

I was disabused of that notion in my forties. I still have a wardrobe of power suits but my lifestyle no longer really requires them. My life changed completely when I stepped into living my purpose. Actually, it's more accurate to say I was pushed but it is what it is and here I am. 

Am I where I wanted my future me to be fifteen years ago? Definitely not! Am I exactly where I want to be? In most ways, yes. That's the beauty of the unpredictability of life. When we let go of how we want things to look, new vistas suddenly open up in front of us. The possibilities become endless. 

My message to you today is this... that rigidity that allows you to feel a sense of control also stops you from stepping into the unknown. The unknown is where all the beauty happens. It's where life finally unfolds in the way it was always meant to. Your soul has always had a map. The problem is that your mind insists on heading in its own direction. Letting go allows your soul to guide you to where you always should have been. It might not be your first choice destination but it's often like happening upon a quaint little village when you're lost and realising that you've found a precious gem. Let go... let your soul show you the way.