23. Apr, 2019


Life is very much like a river... sometimes it flows steadily, sometimes it hits those rocky rapids and sometimes a bloody beaver builds a dam and everything comes to a crashing halt! No river stops flowing permanently though. Eventually, with effort, it creates a new course and circumvents whatever blocked it. It certainly doesn't jump off its course when it hits the rapids either... the water just bounces off the rocks and keeps crashing forward. 

Of course we all want to live with the grace of a steadily flowing river. Let's learn from the rapids though. It's okay to bounce around wildly and crash forward without much elegance as long as we keep flowing forward. Not every moment in life is one that you're going to be especially proud of. Those tough times often produce some really strange behaviour. The fact is that if you learn from it you're moving forward. If you don't learn from it then you build a dam of your own and you keep hitting that dam wall without moving forward at all. 

So often we're told not to overanalyse things and I agree to a point. I don't think it's healthy to obsess. I think it's very healthy to take a good, hard look at things and separate them into their components so that you can understand them better. It's through understanding that our lessons are learned and once they are learned we can step back into the flow of life. 

So allow your life to flow, don't panic when you hit the rapids and if there's an obstacle, find a way around it. Sounds simple, right? It would be if you were a river. You're not though... You're not your life, you're just living it. You're the person who is travelling along the river so make sure you're prepared. 

Enjoy the calm flow when it happens but don't face the rapids alone... take friends with you and wear a life jacket. When you hit those dams and there seems no way forward, pick yourself up and take your kayak and walk around to where you can carry on again. Most importantly though, take a look at the scenery around you and stop staring only at the water. There's beauty everywhere, especially near rivers.