29. Apr, 2019

Inevitable Gifts

Your best life is always going to be the life you're supposed to live. How many excuses are you making that prevent you from living your best life? 

Every single one of us is gifted in some way and yet we ignore our gifts because it's terrifying to think of the risks involved in embracing them and allowing them to guide us along our paths. We cling to the structures that society imposes on us because they are safe and secure. We cling to them because that's exactly what the world seems to demand of us. But does it really? Or is that just the conditioning that we've come to accept though a lifetime of listening to others instead of the voice of our souls? 

How would your life change if you took that risk and stepped into the life you were always meant to live? Do you think that it might just make your soul sing? Do you think that maybe it would be worth the risk and worth the fear? Do you think that there might be a possibility that the inner peace and the inner joy that you have spent your lifetime looking for would suddenly be well within reach? 

What exactly do your gifts demand of you? Is it service to others? Or is it time to create beauty? Or is it something more? It's not always necessary to be like Robin Sharma and sell your Ferrari (although that worked out pretty well for him anyway). Sometimes all it requires is a step sideways off the hamster wheel of 21st century life onto a path where the scenery is infinitely better. 

What we fail to realise so often is that stepping into the power that we hold deep inside us is not about giving up all the comfort of the life we have but rather adding to it on a level that is so deeply fulfilling that it causes our lives to change completely. And that right there is what is so terrifying to most people... the thought that their lives will change... that they won't be quite as predictable as they always have been. Isn't change inevitable anyway? Why not embrace the opportunity to allow the changes to take you down a path that brings you infinite joy? 

Just a thought for Monday morning... are you going to allow your life to change this week?