18. Jun, 2019

That darn darkness!

Last week I listened to a show by Di Radloff on the dark night of the soul. This lady knows her stuff. It's given me a whole lot to think about though.

We live in fear of the dark night of the soul... justifiably so. It's an awful thing to deal with and while we're there, it feels endless. It's a natural part of the cycle of life though. In fact, it's probably unusual not to deal with this phenomenon relatively regularly. Bearing that in mind, you'd think we'd fear it a whole lot less.

I've swung between the extremes on this one. There have been times when it's chilled me to the bone when I've realised that I'm entering that darkness and there have been times when I've been completely blasé about it. The trick seems to be finding the middle ground and developing a healthy respect for those times of growth.

One thing that each dark night of the soul seems to have in common is that it ends after some sort of epiphany. It's a chicken and egg scenario. I'm wondering if that epiphany gives us the hope required to make it back into the brightness of day or if discovering that epiphany is the whole reason we entered the night in the first place. Is it nothing more than a lesson we needed to learn? Is that dark night of the soul maybe just the Universe stepping in because we haven't been paying attention to what we needed to learn?

Whichever it is, you can't deny the incredible growth you undergo when faced with the challenges of the darkest times in your life. As much as I wish life could be smooth sailing, I'm grateful for the lessons that come to me in the darkness.

This is definitely a case of the only way out being directly through. So if you're facing the nighttime right now, I wish you strength and courage and the hope that this time ends soon and you emerge into the light of a beautiful new day.