20. Jun, 2019

Heeding that little voice

I can't even count the times I've ignored my intuition. I think we all do it sometimes. I'll tell you this though... I've never regretted following my intuition but I've regretted ignoring it every single time. We live and learn, don't we?

It's in my nature to over analyse everything so that little habit I had of ignoring my intuition got analysed right down to the last detail. You know what I realised? Ignoring our gut feelings never comes from a bad place. We don't set out to set ourselves up for failure in any way. We do seem to find a ton of reasons to ignore that little voice of our soul.

If I think back to the times my soul has screamed out to me to stay away from a person or to not allow a person to get too close, I have to admit that the voice of my soul was often drowned out by the voice of reason. You know that little voice that tells you that you're being paranoid? Or the one that accuses you of being judgemental? Yeah... those are the ones that often make themselves heard over our intuition. Those are the voices we wind up with because we have been raised to be kind human beings.

The problem is that our intuition knows that the person standing in front of us is possibly not a kind human being. They don't have the same motivations we do. But, because we've been trained to ignore our intuition in favour of being rational, we expect other people to have the same moral standards as we have. That's where we get hurt... it's that expectation of a certain standard of behaviour. And right at the end of the cul de sac we enter when we ignore our instincts is a little place of blame. We blame ourselves for not listening and we blame the other person for behaving in a way we didn't rationally expect. It's a lot easier to turn around and get back on the main road if we just accept that people are who they are and we can't expect them to be any more or any less than that. Blame doesn't further our cause.

I believe that with each mistake we make in assessing the people we come into contact with, we learn lessons. I believe it's good to focus on gratitude for those lessons instead of blame. I believe it's brilliant to reach a point where we allow our intuition to be heard and we heed it. Our souls have travelled with us for so many centuries... they're wise. It's worth paying attention.