25. Jun, 2019

Zoning in...

I wonder how many brilliant ideas have been lost to humanity because their creators lost focus. Let's face it, idea generation is something that happens naturally... it's the follow through that takes a little bit of effort.

This applies to so many parts of our lives. Think about your new years resolutions. Think about all those times you've sworn you're going to start meditating daily... or doing yoga... or practising gratitude.

What sets most successful endeavours apart is not the brilliance of the person behind them but their persistence, grit, determination and focus.

Have you noticed how easy it is to zone in on things that you truly enjoy? Focus isn't a problem there. It makes me think that all those things we know we should commit to would be easier to follow through on if we just turned them into things we enjoy. Instead we follow a formula dictated by someone else.

Meditation becomes a chore because we're doing it the way we're told and not the way that our own souls dictate. The same goes for all those spiritual resolutions we make.

Just a thought... how about committing not to specific tasks but rather committing wholeheartedly to spiritual and personal growth and then allowing our souls and Spirit to lead the way?