3. Jul, 2019

But they're my competition!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be amazing at whatever it is that you do. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be the best that you can be. I start to worry when the measure becomes less focused on what we as individuals can achieve and more focused on what we achieve in comparison to somebody else.

When we start to compare ourselves to others we're doing two things. We're acknowledging competition and shifting our focus from what we're doing to what others are doing. Secondly, we're assuming that the Universe with all its opportunities is limited... that there isn't enough for anyone.

The concept of opportunities being scarce is at the heart of all competition. The minute we embrace that concept as being true, we tend to shut down everything that the Universe so desperately wants to give us. We assume that if someone else gets something, we get nothing. Have you ever noticed how the opposite is true?

The people I know who have an abundance of wonderful things in their lives are the same people who don't hesitate to reach out and guide others. Let that sink in for a bit.

We are the creators of the environments that we live in. If we create an environment of competition, it leads to people trying to one up each other... it leads to misery and worry. When we create an environment in which we share our successes, our troubles, our abundance, we live in a space of peace and love.

It comes down to choice, doesn't it? How do you choose to live? How do you choose to experience the Universe?